Upcoming Quarterly Fellowship Meetings

July 13th, at 2pm we will be having an Ice Cream Social.  It will be outdoors, if weather permits.  We’ll be touring the Church inside & out…including the cemetery (have you ever done a grave stone rubbing?).  Our Building & Grounds Committee will be on hand to talk about our building & grounds!

Oct 5th, at 2PM we will be “Taking the Scary out of Technology”.

Bill Jablonsky has agreed to give us a presentation on how to use: the Church website, Diocese website, face book, Google Earth, PayPal…. Bring your lap top and don’t worry we’re serving wine (& cheese) for this meeting! (Cider for the kids)

Yep – expect sign-up sheets at the back of the church.  You don’t have to bring food to come, but it is always appreciated.  The most important thing is that you come.

Together we can move mountains!  As Christians – we will move them with joy & love in our hearts!!

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