2nd Quarterly Meeting

Hi everyone!

I just want to take a moment and thank all of the people who came out to help host and participate in the 2nd Quarterly Meeting. We had about 20 people at the event and lots of great food & prizes.

It was successful in that each event coordinator was able to recruit some much needed help and explain about their event. Lots of tickets were sold for the Great Divorce and Jerk Chicken & Cod Fish Fritters (thanks to Cali Douglas & Jenelyn ChinSeuy) were eaten! Everyone agreed that Janet Rate makes the best Veggi Basket and Judy Seif sandwiches were a hit! We had Jenifer Hovenstadt’s heavenly Angel Food Cake & Strawberries paired with Deviled Eggs at the Great Divorce Table! And it wouldn’t be a St Andrew’s event without Donna Ohlsen’s baking – great Christmas Cookies! Olive Archer and Ed Rambarran introduced us to Sweet Potato Chips and Veggie Chips – another thing people couldn’t get enough of! Big thanks to Father John for talking up the Great Divorce and to Tara O’Malley for jumping in with both feet to coordinate the Yard Sale this Fall. I’d also like to recognize Heather Jablonsky and Lesly Galloway, both are coordinating the Fashion Show with Jennifer H. and both were not feeling well. We missed you both and hope you are feeling better.

Feedback from the event coordinators was positive. This meeting gave everyone a chance to talk about the events, ask questions and realize that it takes the work of many to create a fun and rewarding event. While these events are fundraisers, they are also a chance for us to connect with others in our community, a chance to work together for St Andrew’s Church and an opportunity to have fun. Below is a list of the wonderful people who have taken on the leadership roles for the 6 upcoming events. Please take a moment to look at the list and think about what interests you (I know you each have a special talent!) Then talk to these people in church and find out what the event is about. Find out what kind of help they need…you may be surprised to find that your talent is what they need!

The Great Divorce: Father John, Bill & Heather Jablonsky (April 26& 27)

The Basket Auction: Judy Seif (May 3)

The Fashion Show: Lesly Galloway, Jennifer Hovenstadt, Heather Jablonsky (June)

The Caribbean Dinner Dance: Cali Douglas & Jenelyn ChinSuey (to be determined)

The Yard Sale: Tara Mooney (to be determined)

The Christmas Fair: Donna Ohlsen (to be determined)

Be part of the St Andrew’s Community – Get involved!

May God’s Blessings be evident in you life every day ~Sue Fischer

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