Thoughts and Prayers for Father John Jeffrey

Father John Jeffrey Purchal is now back at home recuperating from his illness. Although he certainly appreciates our thoughts and prayers, he is still unable to receive visitors or telephone calls. He is recovering well, but he is supposed to be resting and unfortunately, even phone calls could be too much at this point — especially since so many of us want to call him to give a quick greeting.

People have asked, “What else can we do for him as he recovers?”

Perhaps he needs help with shopping, cooking, cleaning, and all of the things that need to be done on a day-to-day basis. He says that he is doing okay for now. He has some friends who are looking in on him and all is well. But being the thoughtful and caring Christians that we are, discussions took place after yesterday’s Morning Prayer regarding what each of us could do to help Father John Jeffrey during his time of need.

Father is on the road to recovery and will hopefully be back to church within a week or two, but now may be a good time for us to assess the many resources that the parishioners of St. Andrew’s have to offer during times such as this. To all of the people who have been asking about things that they could do to help out a friend who is ill, please let us know what you are able to do. It would be uplifting to learn what resources we have available in our church family that can be put into motion for situations like these.

Please contact someone on the Bishop’s Committee so that we can put together a list of the resources that we have as a parish. In the mean time, please keep Father John Jeffrey in your thoughts and prayers as he makes his recovery.